Do you know the one person at a memorial service who never gets to hear the nice things people have to say about him? That’s right – the deceased.

So here’s a spin on the whole memorial thing.

How about a gathering of friends to celebrate the life of someone BEFORE he or she departs? A farewell party, if you will. It’s not as crazy (or morbid) an idea as you’d think. In fact, people are already doing this. People who are terminally ill throw their own send-off parties! Or their next-of-kin throw one for them. Either way, the star of the show is still around to enjoy it.

Someone who is terminally ill decides they’d like to gather their friends and family in an atmosphere of grace. But it does take a special person to be able to pull this one off. And special next-of-kin to support the idea.

Rather than mourning the death of a loved one after the fact, celebrate their life while they’re still around to bask in the warmth of the camaraderie and love of family and friends.

Pick a theme. Plan activities. Play charades. Dance the limbo. Tell dirty jokes. Sing. Share memories. Forgive and forget. Or simply say, “Thank You” or “I Love You.”

This party is about spending time connecting with the people whom you’ve shared your time on this planet with.

It’s your party. You decide. Perhaps a solemn affair. Or a black-tie dinner. How about a pizza party? Anything goes (as long as it doesn’t get you in trouble with the law, or annoy the neighbours too much).

Whatever you choose, make it a meaningful way to say, “Goodbye” – while you’re still the Life of the Party!

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